Saturday, January 19, 2008

Farrell, Fiona

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Fiona Farrell (b. 1947)

Author Pages:

Aotearoa New Zealand Poetry Sound Archive

NZ Book Council



Cutting Out. Auckland: Auckland University Press, 1987.
The Inhabited Initial. Auckland: Auckland University Press, 1999.
The Pop-up Book of Invasions. Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2007.


Passengers. Wellington: Playmarket, 1986.
[with Paula Boock and Renee]. Song of the Shirt: Three One-act Plays for Young Actors. Dunedin: McIndoe Publishers, 1993.


The Rock Garden: Stories. Auckland: Auckland University Press, 1989.
The Skinny Louie Book. Auckland: Penguin New Zealand, 1992.
Six Clever Girls Who Became Famous Women. Auckland: Penguin New Zealand, 1996.
Light Readings: Stories. Auckland: Vintage, 2001.
The Hopeful Traveller. Auckland: Vintage, 2002.
Book Book. Auckland: Vintage, 2004.
Mr Allbones' Ferrets. Auckland: Random Huuse, 2007.

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