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Howe, Susan

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Hinge Picture, Cherry Valley/Telephone Books (Cherry Valley, NY), 1974.
Chanting at the Crystal Sea, Fire Exit/Corbett (Boston, MA), 1975.
The Western Borders, Tuumba (Willits, CA), 1976.
Secret History of the Dividing Line, Telephone Books (New York), 1978.
Cabbage Gardens, Fathom (Chicago, IL), 1979.
Deep in a Forest of Herods, Pharos (New Haven, CT), 1979.
The Liberties, Loon (Guilford, CT), 1980.
Pythagorean Silence, Montemora Foundation (New York), 1982.
Defenestration of Prague, Kulchur Foundation (New York), 1983.
Articulation of Sound Forms in Time, Awede (Windsor, VT), 1987.
A Bibliography of the King's Book, or, Eikon Basilke, Paradigm (Providence, RI), 1989.
The Europe of Trusts: Selected Poems, Sun & Moon (Los Angeles, CA), 1990.
Singularities, Wesleyan University Press (Middletown, CT), 1990.
The Nonconformist's Memorial, limited edition with illustrations by Robert Mangold, Gren Fell Press (New York), 1992, New Directions, (New York), 1993.
Frame Structures: Early Poems, 1974-79, New Directions, 1996.
Pierce-Arrow, New Directions, 1999.
The Midnight, New Directions, 2003.
Souls of the Labadie Tract, New Directions, 2007.


My Emily Dickinson, North Atlantic (Berkeley, CA), 1985.
Incloser, Weaselsleeves Press (Santa Fe, NM), 1992.
The Birth-Mark: Unsettling the Wilderness in American Literary History, Wesleyan University Press (Hanover, CT), 1993.

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