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Recent Poets and Fiction in NZ

Campus: Albany (Auckland)

Mode: Internal

The purpose of the course is to set some selected contemporary New Zealand poetry and fiction writers in an international context. Too often, "New Zealand" and "World" literature are seen as mutually exclusive categories. Actually, we would argue, it's difficult to understand the innovations and technical demands of our most challenging local writers without some knowledge of where they're coming from - who their influences / pet hates are; and also without the added rich theoretical explanations of globalization and the postcolonial.

This blog is meant to supplement the Course Anthology and Administration Guide by giving you a forum to share your discoveries and insights throughout the year.


Journal (20%)

Seminar (20%)

Creative Response (20%)

Research Essay (40%)


Michael Harlow (b. 1937)

Susan Howe (b. 1937)

Peter Reading (b. 1946)

Fiona Farrell (b. 1947)

Anne Carson (b. 1950)

Paul Muldoon (b. 1951)

Graham Lindsay (b. 1952)

Michele Leggott (b. 1956)


Nigel Cox (1951-2006): Dirty Work (1987)

Lloyd Jones (b. 1955): Mr Pip (2006)

Emma Neale (b. 1969): Relative Strangers (2006)

Charlotte Randall (b.?): Within the Kiss (2002)

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