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Harlow, Michael

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Michael Harlow (b. 1937)

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Poems. Agora Press, 1965
Edges. Athens: Lycabettus Press, 1974
Nothing but Switzerland and Lemonade. Eastbourne: Hawk Press, 1980
Today is the Piano’s Birthday. Auckland: Auckland / Oxford University Press, 1981
Vlaminck’s Tie. Auckland: Auckland / Oxford University Press, 1985
Giotto’s Elephant. Dunedin: John McIndoe, 1991
Cassandra’s Daughter. Auckland: Auckland University Press, 2005


Devotion to the Small (1980/81). Wai-te-ata Press, 1988.


Take a Risk, Trust Your Language, Make a Poem. Edited by Christodoulos E.G. Moisa. Christchurch Teachers College Press, 1985


Frontiers. Christchurch 1968-69.
Omphalos. Athens 1970-73.
Events, Greece 1967-1974. Athens: Anglo-Hellenic Publishing, 1975.
Landfall (Associate and Poetry Editor) Christchurch 1976-84.
Caxton Press Poetry Series. Books by Tony Beyer, Murray Edmond, Bernadette Hall, Rob Jackaman, Hugh Lauder, Michele Leggott, Gregory O’Brien, 1985-90.
Say It With Words. Christchurch: Caxton Educational Press, 1991.

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