Monday, April 14, 2008

Poetry Session 2: Carson / Harlow


"Classics" is the theme of the session, and what I principally mean by that is the Greek and Latin classics -- particularly the former. Anne Carson is a professor of Classics, and has written some prodigiously learned books on the subject. Michael Harlow is part-Greek, and lived in the country for a while in the 1970s.

So much for the superficial connections, at any rate. Does this tell us anything useful about the two poets, or is it just an arbitrary juxtaposition? Watch this space -- this is where we'll be starting off at our session next Monday.

I hope you've all been listening to the cassettes I made you and getting more familiar with our poets in that medium as well as on the page ...


Some excellent backwards readings of Harlow were made at this session (Kath, take a bow). In general, the Jungian nature of his inspiration came up for a good deal of attention.

For further thoughts on ways into the classical epics, see the latest post on my own blog, The Imaginary Museum.

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